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About Us

All the wood that we buy in is straight from the importers.

The pine that we get is grown in Scandinavia, the rustic is grown in Canada and the oak is sourced from Eastern Europe.

All of the wood that we get is grown in a sustainably managed forest and 7 more trees are planted for every one that is used.

When we make your piece of furniture then you can also choose from a variety of handles. We can do from brass handles, chrome bar all the way to black iron ones. If you show us the handle you want then we will try and match it from our wide range.

If you have specific measurements then feel free to drop them into the shop and we will then give you a no obligation quote.

Our oak furniture can either have one of the following finishes. It could have natural oil on it which is put straight onto the wood or you could have a lacquer finish which is paired on to the wood. The lacquer can start to crack after a bit unlike the oil which you can just put more on if the shine or colour starts to fade.

About the factory

We manufacture in the heart of Derbyshire in our own factory everything that we manufacture there is made by time-served craftsmen who strive to deliver the best quality furniture that we can do.

We have a combined experience of over 50 years making quality furniture.

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